10 Summer Fitness Tips straight from the Experts

Though a healthy lifestyle should be a year-round thing, the pressure for a better summer body is at an all-time high during this particular season. With tank tops and bathing suits being the basics for the season, we in general tend to wear lesser clothing outdoors than we would on any given day. To keep ourselves fit and to get that healthy summer body, be it at home or while traveling outdoors, here are few of the best body fitness tips for this summer from the experts for a healthy and fitter you!

1. Use your body weight.
You need nothing else besides your own body weight to get great results. The push up, for example, a very simple exercise performed with your own body weight will help you sculpt sexy summer shoulders and a nice firm midsection.

2. Pick up the pace!
No matter where you are, you can squeeze in some extra cardio. Walk at a faster pace while breathing deeper to increase your heart rate. That right there qualifies as a mini cardio exercise.

3. Use your breath.
To get the most out of your breath, breathe from the diaphragm. To do this, think of breathing in a 3D fashion; your ribcage should expand from front to back, top to bottom, and left to right. These deep breaths will help you burn extra calories and give you extra energy during your workouts. The bonus is that you can use this breathing style not only to burn more calories during exercise but also while walking up to the corner store, working at your desk or just sitting in the car on your next road trip!

4. Carry a reusable water bottle.
No matter where you go or what you do, bring water with you. Our bodies can misread being hydrated for being hungry, leading to over consumption and weight gain. Also, when traveling on planes or to higher altitudes in general, the amount of oxygen in the air decreases equating to dryer air and reduced body hydration. This can leave you with unhealthy food cravings, headaches and poor body awareness from fatigue. To be more alert and make more right food choices, drink more water! Carry a reusable water bottle wherever you go. You can empty out the water before a security check point and fill it up right after. You’ll save money on bottled water, not to mention help reduce waste!

5. Be food prepared!
No matter where we are, we’re often tempted to “grab and go,” especially when traveling. Unfortunately, most ready to go snacks are calorie packed and nutrient deprived. Save yourself the extra calories and pack some yummy granola bars, fruits and/or nuts in your carry-on bag so you’re prepared to fight the urge of the grab and go pastry. Check out some delicious healthy snack options right here.

6. No time? No problem! More intensity!
Just 20 minutes of a summer body workout can get you into the zone of fat blasting and muscle building as long as you maximize your effort. The goal of a short workout should be to workout at your personal maximum intensity.

7. Keep a food log.
Recording what you eat is one of the best ways to stay on track. Make it easy for yourself and maybe use an app to keep track of your daily intake no matter where you are. Your goal should be smaller meals at frequent regular intervals.

8. Swim!
Swimming, be it at the beach or in the pool, makes for a great beach body workout. Swimming is a complete body workout and is perfect for keeping cool during summers. Aim for more laps and different swimming strokes to work out specific parts of the body.

9. Burpees.
The most comprehensive exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime are burpees! Three sets of burpees will give you a cardio workout while also targeting upper body, lower body and core strength. It’s the all-in-one exercise!

10. Hit the sand.
Summer traveling involves some fun in the sun and if you’re really lucky, the beach! Challenge yourself with working out in the sand. Exercising in the sand provides an excellent training environment and in certain aspects actually works the body a lot harder than using a hard, flat surface.

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