MB Iso-Zero 2 Kg Dutch Vanilla

MB Iso-Zero 2 Kg Dutch Vanilla

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Muscleblaze Iso Zero Has The Most Impeccable Protein Profile, And Is Powered By Zero Carbs, Zero Lactose, Zero Cholestrol Delivering The Purest Fuel There Is To Grow Strong Muscles
Muscleblaze Iso Zero Is Fat Free And Delivers 30G Of Protein Per 35G Serving, Sourced Only From Whey Protein Isolate, Helping With Lean Muscle Gains
Each Serving Of Iso Zero Contains 14.15G Of Eaa(S) And 6.64G Of Naturally Occurring Bcaa(S) To Maintain Muscle Mass While Preventing Body From Going Into The Catabolic State
It Provides 5.28G Of Glutamic Acid Per Serving Which Helps Fasten Recovery Post Workout By Replenishing The Falling Levels Of Glutamine During Workout Sessions
This Lactose-Free Protein Supplement Is Available In Delectable French Vanilla Flavor To Treat Your Taste Buds

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Muscleblaze Iso Zero Was Developed Keeping In Mind The Specific Needs Of An Evolved Gym Enthusiast, Delivering The Cleanest Fuel To Their Body. Powered By Zero Carbs, Zero Fat, Zero Lactose And Zero Cholestrol, The Supplement Delivers 30G Of Isolate Protein Per 35G Serving Helping The Consumer With Clean An Lean Muscle Gains. The Product Has A Superlative Mix Of Naturally Occurring Eaas, Bcaas And Glutamic Acid To Aid The Muscle Growth And Recovery Process. It Is Completely Free From Aspartame And Any Banned Substance And Aims At Being Your Partner In Reaching Your Bodybuilding Goals.




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