MP Bcaa 30ser Blue Raspberry

MP Bcaa 30ser Blue Raspberry

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This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Reduce muscle soreness post workout: musclepharm bcaa 3:1:2 is formulated with branched-chain amino acids to provide you the precise amount of amino acids required by your body
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  • Perfect for anytime use – before, during or after workout: so, try this musclepharm bcaa 3:1:2 to get a muscular physique and build strong muscles
  • Train harder, recover faster, build more muscle: intake of this supplement boosts your energy level and provides you the strength required to carry out heavy workouts
  • Support muscle endurance during workout: musclepharm bcaa 3:1:2 improves the muscle-recovery process post workout to maintain your hard gained muscles. I

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MusclePharm BCAA offers a unique patent-pending ratio—3 Leucine, 1 Isoleucine, 2 Valine—that is specifically tuned to deliver the ideal amounts of these three amino acids during all phases of muscle development and maintenance. Through this formulation, amino acids are released both before and after a workout. MP BCAA minimizes muscle damage, while supporting increased lean body mass.