Scitec 100% Whey Isolate 2kg Vanilla

Scitec 100% Whey Isolate 2kg Vanilla

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  • 80 Servings
  • Contains 25g protein per serving
  • 100 % Cross Flow Microfiltered (CFM) Whey Isolates
  • Superior than ION exchange isolates
  • Highly Bio available non denaturated protein
    Glutamine Reinforced, Perfect for Ketogenic Diet

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The whey isolates in 100% Whey Isolate are derived through microfiltration and ultrafiltration technology which remove most of the unwanted substances from whey protein such as lactose, fat, ash and minerals. As a result, Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Isolate provides over 83% protein per serving. It is ideal for low-carb or ketogenic diets.Superior to Ion Exchange Isolates. Unlike the ion exchange, the microfiltration and ultrafiltration technology used in Scitec Nutrition 100% Whey Isolate delivers the major bioactive protein fractions in intact form. Fortified with Whey Hydrolysates.The formula is further fortified with Whey hydrolysates to prevent muscle breakdown and enhance recovery. Whey hydrolysates are even more faster absorbing than whey isolates and are quickly transported through blood stream to muscle for utilization. Glutamine Reinforced L-Glutamine is a free form amino acid that is found in high concentration in amino acid pool and provides anti-catabolic support. Suitable adjunct to a ketogenic diet.


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