Vitargo Pure 2Kg

Vitargo Pure 2Kg

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  • The Original Flagship Vitargo.
  • Patented Vitargo Formula
  • It has no flavour or aroma and can simply be added to your favourite beverage (or just water).

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Perfect to use as carbo source together with your own protein blend or why not as carbo source to make your sports drink higher in carb concentration with out getting a stronger flavour, zero sugars, zero fat and zero protein. Vitargo Pure Vitargo is based on the unique patented carbohydrate Vitargo which is specially developed to meet the demands and needs of elite athletes.
This unique carbohydrate Vitargo is the complete carbohydrate supplement, which is most effective when loading carbohydrates before competition, as a sport drink during training/competition and last, but by no means least, to restore the energy balance after training/competition.
Vitargo Pure was created on the request of those who wanted to mix Vitargo with your favorite beverage. Made for winners!